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Welcome to microTracker, a website for the U.S. microenterprise field launched by FIELD at the Aspen Institute.

microTracker helps microenterprise programs, donors, and investors track the performance and client outcomes of microenterprise organizations nationwide. MicroTracker builds on FIELD’s 20-year history collecting data through the U.S. Microenterprise Census and MicroTest to allow for comparisons and benchmarks using standard measures across the U.S. microenterprise industry.

To include your own data, complete the census.

Want to know more about the Census? FIELD recently hosted a 30-minute U.S. Microenterprise Census Primer to provide hands-on guidance on how to submit your data, plus information on how and why we developed the Census. Listen to the webinar:
Part 1: What is the Census, and why is it important to the industry, and my organization?
Part 2: How do I submit my data? What are some tips for completing the Census efficiently and accurately?

MicroTracker Seal

The new microTracker seal allows easy identification of microenterprise data leaders.  You’ll find the microTracker seal on the profile of  current microTracker Premium Plus subscribers, those that receive training and consulting from FIELD in collecting, analyzing, and using data, and demonstrate commitment to transparency by submitting their data to FIELD's detailed review protocols.  View a list of all current seal recipients.

MicroTracker and Benchmarking Webinar Series

FIELD staff introduce data analytic and benchmarking examples specific to the microenterprise industry, using  Episode 1, "microTracker: Is Your Data Working (Hard)?"provides a detailed overview of the data and simple analysis tools on the site.  Episode 2: "microTracker: Comparing and Improving" takes users through the advanced benchmarking tools microenterprise program managers can use.

Using Your Data: New microTracker How-to Guides

Do you want to know how your loans are performing compared to similar microenterprise organizations? Or if you are reaching your target markets on par with the field? Tackle these questions, and many more, by utilizing microTracker’s data analytics tools. FIELD has developed two step-by-step guides (with more to come) that clearly illustrate how to find and use microTracker data in order to benchmark your program’s performance on a variety of measures, including business development services and lending.

Data in Action Interview Series

Read an interview with Rohan Mathew, Executive Director of Intersect Fund about his experience with microTracker and MicroTest. Rohan shares how he "uses the aggregate data to show how we stack up to our peers, which helps us secure funding." Rohan also shares how he uses microTracker to learn about unfamiliar organizations.