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Welcome to microTracker, a data platform for U.S. microenterprise provided by FIELD at the Aspen Institute.

MicroTracker helps microenterprise programs and supporters to collect and use data on the performance and client outcomes of microenterprise organizations.  MicroTracker’s standard measures and reporting process yield important insights into the value of an organization’s products and programs. Users can understand how the value generated by an organization compares to that of peer organizations and the U.S. industry as a whole.

MicroTracker draws on two types of data:

• Data on client targeting, volume, performance, and costs reported by programs through the   U.S. Microenterprise Census.
• Client outcomes data gathered and reported through FIELD’s EntrepreneurTracker.

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Do you need credible data on your organization’s micro and small outcomes to support fundraising and program management?

FIELD’s EntrepreneurTracker can help your organization capture data on entrepreneurs who received your microenterprise or small business services (loans or business development services).

EntrepreneurTracker offers an affordable way to collect credible, standardized outcomes information and share the power of your work with key data such as:

• Business start and survival rates
• Jobs supported
• Changes in revenue
• Hourly wages paid to workers
• Movement out of poverty

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Data in Action Interview Series

Why do industry leaders use microTracker? These short interviews with microenterprise leaders share how and why they use microTracker to make the case for their organizations and explore internal performance management questions.




Using Your Data: New microTracker How-to Guides

Do you want to know how your loans are performing compared to similar microenterprise organizations? Or if you are reaching your target markets on par with the field? Tackle these questions, and many more, by utilizing microTracker’s data analytics tools. FIELD has developed two step-by-step guides (with more to come) that clearly illustrate how to find and use microTracker data in order to benchmark your program’s performance on a variety of measures, including business development services and lending.

MicroTracker and Benchmarking Webinar Series

FIELD staff introduce data analytic and benchmarking examples specific to the microenterprise industry, using  Episode 1, "microTracker: Is Your Data Working (Hard)?"provides a detailed overview of the data and simple analysis tools on the site.  Episode 2: "microTracker: Comparing and Improving" takes users through the advanced benchmarking tools microenterprise program managers can use.