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The U.S. Microenterprise Census

What is it?

The U.S. Microenterprise Census is an online survey that counts and collects data on the microenterprise industry. Microenterprise development organizations across the country report data on the scale, scope, and performance of their activities to the Census every year.

Why it matters

The data you report to the Census is a crucial tool to help build the industry and make the case for your work. Your Census data also allows you to showcase and better understand your own work--how far your reach is, how big your lending volume is, how efficient your performance is, and more.

The how-to

See the ‘Take the Survey’ buttons below? Click on one and you’ll be on your way to submitting your data. You will be prompted to log into microTracker, or to create a free account if you do not already have a log-in. This step is painless and will take only a moment. Then you’ll be all set. Thank you for contributing your data!

FIELD is rebuilding the microTracker site and the 2015 U.S. Microenterprise Census will be available once the new microTracker site goes live in September.

Full Survey

The original Census survey. If you have participated in the Census before, you are familiar with this survey. It asks for robust data on your organization’s activities and performance. Programs value this survey because it allows them to showcase the full scale of their work, along with key cost and efficiency metrics.

Who's it for?

If you traditionally report detailed data to the Census, are a microTracker subscriber, or simply want to contribute as much data as you can to the industry, this is the survey you will want to take.

  Print a sample Full Survey

Simple Survey

A shorter version of the original. Programs indicated that they needed a more streamlined survey option, to help them manage limited time and resources for reporting data. This is our response. It asks you to fill in just 30 questions, all of which are key to helping you and your partners make the case for your work.

Who's it for?

If this is your first time participating in the Census, or you do not traditionally collect or report detailed data, this is the survey for you.

  Print a sample Simple Survey


Want to generate and use data on the outcomes your entrepreneurs achieve after they receive your loans or business development services?

FIELD’s EntrepreneurTracker offers an affordable way to collect credible, standardized outcomes information and share the power of your work using key data such as:

•  Business start and survival rates
•  Jobs supported
•  Changes in revenue
•  Hourly wages paid to workers
•  Movement out of poverty

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