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Micro data — macro uses

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Basic Plan


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  • Search the industry directory.
  • Access profiles of over 800 microenterprise development organizations.
  • Filter the explore dashboard to refine aggregate results.
  • Review reports on industry-wide program performance and client outcomes data.

Premium Plan


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Includes all FREE features, plus use the Analyze tools to:

  • Create side-by-side comparisons between your program and the industry, programs like yours, or specific programs you select.
  • Create custom reports to demonstrate your effectiveness to funders and supporters or probe for program improvement opportunities.
  • Access data as it is submitted to microTracker. No waiting for final aggregate data to be released.

Premium Plus Plan


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Includes all PREMIUM features, plus:

  • Participate in FIELD’s Client Outcomes Survey Process to go beyond success stories and collect outcomes data on your clients using respected survey protocols.
  • Signal to funders and other stakeholders that your organization is a learning organization committed to transparency.
  • Organizations that wish to participate in FIELD’s client outcomes survey for the first time participate in a set of one-time training and capacity building sessions. These initial training sessions cost $2,800.