What Is EntrepreneurTracker?

How does EntrepreneurTracker work?

BOI has developed a shared process that combines BOI's data, analysis, and survey expertise with programs’ client connections to yield answers and insights for microenterprise programs.

How can EntrepreneurTracker help us?

How many times have you asked, or been asked, these questions:

  • Do the businesses you assist survive over time?
  • Of the aspiring entrepreneurs you work with, how many start a business?
  • Do the businesses you work with grow after you provide business assistance or loans?
  • How much do the business owners earn, and do their earnings grow over time?
  • How many jobs do your clients’ businesses create? Are they decent jobs in terms of hours and wages?

EntrepreneurTracker’s standardized measures, survey, and process yield important insights you can use to raise funds, demonstrate effectiveness, and identify ways to strengthen your program. MicroTracker.org’s Explore tools help organizations understand how their entrepreneurs compare to peer organizations’ entrepreneurs.

How do organizations use EntrepreneurTracker data?

Programs that participate in the EntrepreneurTracker client outcomes survey process use data for internal and external audiences. EntrepreneurTracker client outcomes data communicates the value of a program’s effectiveness to clients, funders, and key stakeholders. Additionally, CDFIs report EntrepreneurTracker outcomes to Aeris as part of the Aeris rating process.

Why do industry leaders use EntrepreneurTracker?

Many of the leading organizations in the US microenterprise industry have worked with BOI to capture data that demonstrates the value of their work. BOI has now broadened the use of this product to support small business loans and business development services.

BOI’s EntrepreneurTracker brings the following:

  • Expanded reach: The EntrepreneurTracker process can be used to capture data about an organization’s full range of microenterprise and small business assistance programs and clients.
  • Connections: BOI is in dialogue with key industry players, funders, and investors to ensure that EntrepreneurTracker focuses on measures that industry leaders and investors care about. For example, microTracker actively works to ensure alignment between our metrics and those of the Global Impact Investment Network’s Impact Reporting and Investment Standards (IRIS) metrics.
  • Customer service: BOI’s data cleaning and analysis protocols and customer-service standards ensure that customers receive high-quality data in a timely manner.
  • Visibility: Customers can share a direct link to their EntrepreneurTracker data via their microTracker profile as a way to indicate their commitment to generating and using credible outcomes data.

What metrics are collected through the EntrepreneurTracker client outcomes survey?

Click here for a full list of the EntrepreneurTracker metrics.

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BOI offers different levels of service to fit your program and budget. To learn more or sign up, contact microtracker@aspeninstitute.org.