microTracker: Empowering microenterprise and small business development organizations to assess, compare, and improve effectiveness and communicate the value of their work to funders and stakeholders.

Welcome to microTracker.org, the portal to the Aspen Institute Business Ownership Initiative's nationwide database on the scale, effectiveness, and outcomes of US microenterprise development organizations (MDOs). BOI’s microTracker is a set of data tools and services that allow MDOs to self-assess and improve. MicroTracker also provides stakeholders with data about the size, scale, and value of the US microenterprise industry.

MicroTracker includes:
  • DATA COLLECTION AND ANALYSIS SERVICES that provide crucial insights and improve MDOs’ ability to collect and understand how to use high-quality, rigorous data.
  • STANDARDIZED METRICS that allow users to track MDOs’ program and client outcome metrics over time, and compare and benchmark using data from relevant industry peers, other MDOs in a state, and the industry as a whole.
  • A NATIONWIDE DATA SET that draws from MDO-submitted data and provides an overview of their activities, scale, effectiveness, and outcomes.

MicroTracker.org provides a way for microenterprise and small business practitioners, funders, policymakers, and the general public to access and use the data that BOI has collected and analyzed in collaboration with microenterprise organizations.

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