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Our tools and guides can help you get started on meeting your data project interests and needs.

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    Browse our resources to help you collect data. BOI publications provide guidance on metrics to consider and how to incorporate these indicators into your organization’s data collection processes.

  • Use Data

    Learn from our how-to guides, which provide step-by-step guidance on how to use microTracker to compare your organization against peers and the national microenterprise industry. Our guides also include short cases based on the benchmarking efforts of microenterprise programs and provide concrete details on what these organizations learned that helped inform their fundraising and program improvement efforts.

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The US Microenterprise Census

Participate in the US Microenterprise Census, our online survey that collects data on the microenterprise industry. Microenterprise development organizations across the country report data on the scale, scope, and effectiveness of their activities to the Census every year. The data you report to the Census is a crucial tool to help build the industry and make the case for your work. Your Census data will be added to your program profile page and included in the aggregate-level industry data (for all reporting organizations). You will also be able to analyze your submitted data and build reports using our analysis tools.

Report Your Data

You will be prompted to log into microTracker, or to create a free account if you do not already have a login. This step is quick and will take only a moment. Then you will be ready to submit your data.


EntrepreneurTracker is a credible, standardized data collection process that helps micro- and small-business development organizations understand what happens to entrepreneurs after they receive loans or business services. EntrepreneurTracker’s standard measures, survey, and process yield important insights you can use to raise funds, demonstrate effectiveness, and identify ways to strengthen your program. Many of the leading organizations in the US microenterprise industry have worked with BOI to capture data that demonstrates the value of their work to funders and other stakeholders.

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If you would like to learn more about our data collection services, contact us as microtracker@aspeninstitute.org.