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Explore data on the microenterprise industry and entrepreneurs, collected from more than 600 US microenterprise development organizations.

MicroTracker collects and analyzes two types of data: industry data and entrepreneur data. You can explore these data sets at an aggregate level (for all reporting organizations) or for individual organizations. At the program level, you can also compare a program’s organizational or entrepreneur outcomes data to that of other MDOs. What type of data would you like to explore?

  • Industry Data

    Learn about microenterprise development organizations — whom they serve, what types of products and services they provide, how much they cost, and how their portfolios perform. View industry-wide and individual program-level data.

  • Entrepreneur Data

    Learn about how entrepreneurs’ business and household outcomes change after they receive assistance from a microenterprise or small business program. View outcomes across the entire data set or for individual organizations that participate in EntrepreneurTracker.